Type: A patient registry called “SECURE-Alopecia” has been developed by respected hair researchers, Professor Rod Sinclair and Dr Dmitri Wall, to record COVID-19 positive alopecia patient outcomes

Where: Worldwide

Closing Date: Ongoing

SECURE-Alopecia ( is a physician-entered, patient registry to record COVID-19 positive alopecia patient outcomes, on or off treatment, with scarring and non-scarring alopecia.

If you have alopecia and develop COVID-19, whether or not you are on any treatment, please contact your GP or dermatologist, and ask them to enter your details into the registry.

Patient information will be analysed to identify connections between alopecia, treatment and response to COVID-19. The team will share information gathered in the study once enough data has been gathered. This will be shared on their website: and using Twitter (@SecureAa).

SECURE-Alopecia has been funded by the Irish not-for-profit company, NISR (National and International Skin Registry Solutions).

If you have any questions, please ask your doctor to contact the SECURE-Alopecia Steering Committee: [email protected]