Involving patients and the public: The Alopecia UK Lay Research Panel

Researchers can involve people living with or affected by alopecia throughout all stages of the research process. There is growing evidence that involving people with lived experience of a condition can improve the quality of research, for example by improving the experience for individuals participating in research.

Lay Research Panel members

We work with a group of people with lived experience of different types of alopecia who make up our Lay Research Panel. The panel provides a unique resource to researchers who wish to involve people in their work. The panel includes patients, carers and family members. They include a research nurse, a science teacher, NHS professionals, a chef and a professional copywriter/alopecia blogger, among others!

We also have a broader alopecia research network: we often promote different studies and gather participants to take part in a range of research projects.  If you would like to be a part of this network please log in to our website and select your contact preferences to include research opportunities. 

What does the Lay Research Panel do?

As well as supporting researchers in the production of their research and other materials, the Lay Research Panel also work on projects such as:

  • Reviewing the language used in documents, applications, interviews or surveys to ensure it is accessible, including reading and reviewing plain English summaries
  • Reviewing applications or being part of judging panels to provide input of people affected by alopecia
  • Participating in focus groups or workshops designed to get feedback on a project or an idea from people affected by alopecia
  • Filling out surveys designed to gather community feedback or opinions
  • Reviewing research participant information and providing feedback on research grant proposals and clinical trial protocols

How to request lay panel support

If you would like to contact our lay research panel with an involvement opportunity, please complete the application form for PPI support and return it to [email protected]. If you have any questions about the network or would like to know more about involvement in alopecia research, please contact us.