Our overall research aim is to provide hope and confidence to people with alopecia by funding research into its causes, with the aim of finding treatments, and ultimately, a cure.  For too long those with alopecia have had to deal with treatments that work for some and not for others with no actual cure available.  At Alopecia UK we’re really excited to finally be in a position to be able to financially help get research moving in the UK.  The merger between Autoimmune Alopecia Research UK (AAR-UK) and Alopecia UK in November 2017 marked the start of an exciting new chapter.  Both charities had begun to fund research projects and decided to combine efforts to increase this further.  Alopecia UK matched the funds brought across from AAR-UK and the money was ringfenced to the research aim of the charity. 


What are our Research Aims for 2018?

Set up a Research Pots Funding Scheme

In 2018 we will have the first round of our Research Pots Funding Scheme which we hope (funds pending) will be an annual affair.  We will make two £10,000 pots available for alopecia research and invite applications from those wishing to do alopecia research.  The Research Committee will then score the applications which will determine a Top 4.  They will then choose their winner and the remaining three will go to a patient’s choice and be voted on by those with alopecia.

Set up a Research Committee

2018 will also see the co-ordination of the first Alopecia UK Research Committee made up of scientists, researchers, clinicians, pharma representatives, psychologists, and patient representatives.  The Research Committee will:

  • Help to develop and support a Research Strategy for the charity to work to in 2019 and beyond
  • Decide on the winner of the new Research Pots funding scheme

Set up the Research Strategy for 2019 and beyond

Alopecia UK needs a Research Strategy to work to in order to make best use of funds and ensure the charity is doing what it can to support research.  Over the years there have been lots of discussions and ideas about various information and data needed in order that we can progress research.  The Hair Loss Priority Setting Partnership was a step towards this but we need this to continue.  Alopecia UK are keen to keep those with alopecia at the heart of what they do and keep everything within the charity driven by the needs and wants of those with alopecia, this includes research.  As such we want to ensure those with alopecia are involved in the direction of research and that the voice of those with alopecia is always heard.  We envisage that the Research Strategy, and thus direction of research, will involve further mass surveys and data collection and we look forward to keeping you all involved in that process.    

Support research

We will continue to support research projects by advertising them and helping to put researchers in touch with potential participants. 

Monitoring of current research projects

We will continue to monitor projects already funded by AAR-UK and Alopecia UK and ensure funds are being used in the correct manner.