Alopecia UK has been funding research since we became involved with the Hair Loss Priority Setting Partnership in 2013. We have funded a variety of projects, in research domains including psychology, dermatology and immunology. Each of these projects is only possible thanks to the generous support of our community.

Every project is approved by our Research Committee and our Lay Research Panel. This ensures we support research of the highest scientific quality, and also makes sure the aims of the project align with the priorities of people who are living with alopecia. Your support of our research projects means we can keep investing in research and get closer to a cure.

Project title Lead Researcher Start date End date Latest update
Platelet hyperactivity in alopecia areata
Dr Matt Hindle
May-24 June-25
A clinical-pathological digital imaging approach to improve diagnosis of alopecia
Dr Nihull Jakharia-shah
Apr-24 Apr-25
The Alopecia Areata Rapid Access Clinic (AA-RAC): Can early access improve outcomes in patients with recent-onset alopecia areata?
Dr Matthew Harries
Oct-23 Oct-26
Determining the key components of psychological support to facilitate adjustment in individuals with alopecia areata
Dr Fabio Zucchelli Jan-23 Feb-24
Global Registry of alopecia areata disease Severity and treatment Safety (GRASS) UK Dr Matthew Harries Jul-23 Jun-24
Immunometabolism in alopecia areata Dr Talveen Purba Dec-22 Aug-23
The impact of media representation on women with alopecia
Dr Shruti Narayanswamy Jan-23 Jun-23
The socioeconomic burden of alopecia areata
Dr Kerry Montgomery Jan-21 Dec-22 Aug-23
Identification of key immunogenic post-translational modifications in Trichohyalin: a potential major autoantigen in alopecia areata Dr Shahnawaz Jadeja Sep-21 Jun-23 Mar-24
Genome-wide meta-analysis and comprehensive functional annotation of susceptibility loci in female frontal fibrosing alopecia (FFA) Dr Christos Tziotzios Sep-20 Jun-23 Oct-23
Microbiota signature of alopecias Dr Claire Higgins Oct-20 Sep-22
Molecular exploration of male frontal fibrosing alopecia Dr Tuntas Rayinda Aug-20 Jun-23 Jun-23
Engaging and supporting men with alopecia
Dr Kerry Montgomery Jan-20 May-22 Aug-22
MicroRNA targets in scarring alopecia Dr Kehinde Ross Mar-19 Oct-19 Nov-22
Coeliac disease and micronutrient deficiency in alopecia areata Dr Amr Salam Dec-19 Jul-23 Nov-22
Antigen Presenting Cells in alopecia areata Dr Andrei Mardaryev Jan-20 Jul-23
The application of 'Nanokicking' in immmune disorders Dr Teontor Simakou Dec-17 Sep-20 Nov-21
Mindfulness based group therapy for social anxiety symptoms in people living with alopecia areata Dr Andrew Thompson Apr-17 Mar-20 Dec-20
Glasgow Biobank for alopecia research Prof Simon Milling Mar-17 ongoing Nov-22
James Lind Priority Settings Partnership 2013 2015