We understand that it can be a difficult and confusing time for both you and your child when they develop alopecia. It can come as a complete shock and trying to put on a brave face can be difficult, especially in the early days as you adjust to your child’s hair loss. You are likely to have lots of questions about your child’s hair loss. Alopecia UK has put together resources for parents and carers which hopefully provide some helpful tips on dealing with your child’s alopecia.

Talking to other parents and carers can also be a helpful way of sharing experiences and getting advice on managing your child’s alopecia. You can find more information about our upcoming opportunities to meet other parents here. We also have a very active private Facebook group for parents, to share stories, tips and ask for advice. The group is closed and as such means that only other group members can see what has been posted. Follow the link here and request to join. 

Helping young people understand alopecia

This short guide is designed to help you think about how to explain alopecia to your child. We have included some helpful resources which you can use with your child to explain alopecia in an age appropriate way.

A guide to helping young people understand alopecia

The emotional impact of alopecia and how to support your child

Watching your child losing their hair can feel so overwhelming it can be hard to know where to begin to support them. This short guide provides advice and information on supporting your child and managing the impact of alopecia as well as providing some useful strategies you might want to try. We have also included our ‘top tips’ for quick reference.

A guide to understanding the emotional impact of alopecia and how to support your child

Managing reactions from others

One of the worries you might have as a parent is how to manage other people’s reactions to your child’s hair loss. This short guide provides advice on how to manage these worries and tips on how you and your child might respond to any comments or questions.

A guide to managing reactions from others

Supporting your child with alopecia at school

Parent’s and carers often tell us that the school environment can cause a great deal of anxiety for their child, which in turn causes anxiety for the family. Alopecia UK has put together resources to help you address some of the common issues which your child may experience in school. These include tips on managing communication with school and how to support your child if they feel anxious at school. We have also put together some useful resources including Alopecia UK’s uniform guidance and letter templates which you can use to communicate with school.

A guide to supporting a child with alopecia at school

Uniform Guidance

Sample Letters to School

Managing your own emotions about your child’s alopecia

At Alopecia UK, we understand that parents can have a difficult time adjusting to their child’s alopecia. In fact, we often hear that it is parents who struggle the most. Parents often worry about the future more than children. In this short guide we discuss some strategies that can help you to manage your own anxieties so your child can see you manage alopecia in a positive way.

A guide to managing your own emotions about your child's alopecia

Alopecia UK has developed our guides and top tips in collaboration with parents and young people. We want to say a big thank you to everyone who contributed. If you have any feedback on any of the information above, please contact us at [email protected]