Children & Young People

At Alopecia UK, we are all too aware of the challenges faced by many young people with alopecia in schools.  Some children with alopecia face daily struggles with unwelcome comments and attention and, sadly, for some children, this can affect their attendance at school. As a result, some young people are perhaps not achieving to their full potential because of their alopecia. We are keen to tackle this and address some of the challenges faced by young people in schools, to try to help make their everyday school life a little easier.

The Alopecia UK Schools Pack has been developed by Alopecia UK in collaboration with young people with alopecia, and their families. We are pleased to have been supported by a number of experienced teaching professionals who have worked alongside the charity, to develop resources which can be delivered in the classroom environment. Our Schools Pack and associated resources are also suitable for use by other groups working with young people including youth clubs, sports clubs, guides/scouts meetings – basically any setting where it would be helpful for young people to learn more about alopecia.

Our Schools Pack contains the following resources:

  • PowerPoint Presentations for the classroom

Our Presentations aim to increase awareness of alopecia, helping young people understand what it is and the impact it can have.

  • Teaching Resources

We have included a range of Teaching Resources which encourage young people to think about alopecia whilst trying to understand how it might feel to have the condition. All Teaching Resources have been designed to meet the curriculum aims of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Teaching Resources include worksheets for your class, factsheets, a recommended book list and teachers notes to explain how the Teaching Resources can be used.

  • Staff Training

Our Staff Training has been developed by a Chartered Psychologist in collaboration with parents and young people with alopecia. This may be the first young person with alopecia you have had in your school, or indeed the first person you have met with alopecia. It is important that, as a member of staff, you are aware of some of the difficulties they may be experiencing, and how to manage this within the school environment.

  • Uniform Guidance for schools

Young people with alopecia manage their condition differently. Some may choose to wear headwear to cover their hair loss. This can include wigs, headscarves, bandanas, hats or caps. Others may choose not to cover their hair loss. At Alopecia UK, we feel it should be the young person’s choice as to whether they cover their hair loss or not. Our Uniform Guidance outlines how discussions and decisions around headwear can be managed. In addition to headwear, our Uniform Guidance includes the use of make-up to cover any facial hair lost. We encourage schools to read the Uniform Guidance and make a decision based on the best interests of the child.

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