Children & Young People

We know that meeting others with alopecia can play a huge part in a child's alopecia journey. Not only can it provide a wealth of peer support and advice, help children feel less alone and understand their feelings are perfectly normal, it also helps reduce anxiety and build confidence. 

In order to support children with their alopecia journey, we facilitate online meetings via Zoom that provides a unique opportunity for children to meet others with alopecia in a safe, supportive and fun online space.

Our aims for these online meetings are: 

  • To provide a safe, digital group option for children with alopecia
  • To provide a mixture of fun, engaging and interactive workshops and activities
  • To enable children with alopecia to meet other children with alopecia and create new friendships.
  • To help children with alopecia feel less alone and normalise their alopecia by seeing others with alopecia.
  • To help children with alopecia build their confidence and self-esteem and reduce anxiety by group participation, interaction and relationship building.

Who are these meetings suitable for? 

These meetings are most suitable for children with alopecia aged 7 -12. Some meetings may also be suitable for those younger than 7 however they may wish to be supported at the meeting by a parent/carer in order to enjoy it to its full capacity. These meetings are only open to those in the UK.

For online meetings for others:

How to find out more:

To see all the dates and plans for our meetings and to register for a space please see here.

Feedback from our meetings in 2020 and 2021:

"He feels he can be himself around people just like him, he's really starting to come out of his shell each meeting he attends and always asking when the next meeting is so he can join. He loves the games, and how friendly everyone is."

"It was fun and enjoyable, seeing other children, talking about Roblox"

"She liked talking about her alopecia and hearing about others too"

"Seeing others who looked like him and interacting with the games."

"It was great fun, well organised, and as ever it’s just great to see the kids interacting, having fun and seeing each other, and thinking they aren’t alone."

"She liked seeing the other children and hearing what they had to say."

"They're favourite part was the games, other children and the staff supporting"