Institution: University of Oxford

Lead Researcher: Talia Mayerson

Project title: Exploring emotions in adolescent hairpulling

Type of hair loss: hair pulling, trichotillomania, trichotillosis

This research project, led by postgraduate student Talia Mayerson at the University of Oxford, is aiming to learn more about the different emotions that UK teenagers (aged 13-18) who hair-pull may feel. The researchers want to hear from young people who hair pull, in a way that feels difficult to control. The study will involve completing 2 online questionnaires, 6 months apart. The survey will ask questions about hairpulling, and about feelings experienced, including low mood or anxiety. 

The first survey will take around 30 minutes to complete, and participants who complete it will be eligible for entry into a prize draw for an Amazon voucher. Participants who also complete the second survey can enter another Amazon voucher prize draw.

If the child is aged 13 to 15, their parent/guardian will need to provide consent for them to take part in this research.

To begin the first survey, scan the QR code or follow this link:

Study link: