Institution: Centre for Appearance Research, University of the West of England, Bristol

Lead researcher: Dr Maia Thornton

Project title: A mixed methods evaluation of an evidence-based psychosocial intervention for parents and carers of children with a visible difference

Type of hair loss: Any (any visible difference)

Researchers at the Centre for Appearance Research have created a support resource for parents of children with appearance-affecting conditions, such as alopecia. The Parenting Toolkit is a support resource based on research and aims to support parents to manage challenges related to supporting their child.

The Centre for Appearance research are looking for parents and carers of children with alopecia who would like to receive a copy of the support resource ‘The Parenting Toolkit’ and take part in a series of surveys about their experiences using it. Parents and carers who complete the surveys will receive a shopping voucher as a thank you for their time. To find out more get in touch with Maia at [email protected] or click the link: