Children & Young People

Getting alopecia can be a confusing and upsetting time at such a young age for both the children and their parents and so we have developed a number of guides to help children of different ages with alopecia to hopefully understand their condition a bit better and to help clear up some of those difficult to answer questions. 

Fact sheet for ages 6 and under

Fact sheet for ages 7-11

Fact sheet for ages 12-16

A guide for teens and young adults is currently in development. 

We very much welcome any feedback about these resources and are keen to include new content should anyone wish to make suggestions. In particular, we would very much welcome some quotes from children to be included in any of the guides or tips from adults with alopecia who lost their hair as a child.

My First Day Booklet Range
We also have developed a short rhyming story book called 'Ben's First Day' which describes a the first day at school of a young boy with alopecia. The booklet is available for the cost of P&P from our online shop here. We're thrilled that we have distributed over 2,000 copies already. 

Our range of booklets have now been expanded to feature Belle, Faye and Finn, boys and girls with both total and patchy hair loss. We hope these booklets will help those children with alopecia feel more represented and they can be great to take into schools to help with awareness. To see all the booklets in video format please see here.
Other Alopecia Related Books
You can also find a list of other alopecia related fiction and non-fiction books here. 

Finding wigs for children may seem like a difficult task for many reasons, often we find that finding one the right fit is an issue. There are now online brands that do petite size wigs, ideal for children. Before investing it also may be beneficial to go to a wig salon and ask to try some on and see if your child is comfortable with wearing a wig. For more information and guidance on wigs take a look at our wig guide.
If wearing a wig is too uncomfortable or not right for your child's active lifestyle there are also many headwear options, which you can read more about here.

Little Princess Trust
A charity called the Little Princess Trust will provide free human hair wigs to children and young people with alopecia up to the age of 24.