Scarves, bandanas and more. 

Sometimes your hair loss may be too extensive to cover with remaining hair or disguises, and maybe you're not quite ready for the commitment of a wig, or they're just not for you full stop!
No matter your reason there is a whole world of options for head coverings. A popular option is using scarfs you circle round your head, and either clip or tie into place. This may take a little practise but opens up a range of possibilities, colours and styles. 

Another option would be to buy a design of headwear that is specifically designed for those with medical hair loss. These are often hats, turbans or bandanas that fit snuggly to the head and come in a range of styles. Why not trying mixing it up by wearing a coloured jersey cap topped with a beret style hat!

There is also the opportunity to extend your hat collection and use the change in seasons to wear anything from beanies and woolly hats to caps and straw beach hats!

Alopecia UK also sell a range of tube scares, in a variety of charity colours, that can be used in many different styles. You can find them in our online store here.  

Camouflage products 

If there are just a few bald patches, you could try coloured hair root touch up spray or dry shampoo of the same colour as your hair to make the patches less obvious. This works by reducing the colour contrast between the skin and hair. An alternative is to use a keratin microfibre product which is sprinkled onto the scalp and binds to each hair fibre, giving a camouflage and more natural weight and density. 

Dividing your parting slightly differently can help to cover up bald patches depending on where they are. Try a side parting to give more volume to one side of your head giving the appearance of more hair. Alternatively, you could try a zigzag parting to cover patches near your original parting.

If your hair loss is quite severe you could try a wig. They are widely available on the high street, on the internet and from the NHS. You can have them custom made to your requirements or buy them directly off the shelf. See our wig guide for more information.

You can also buy hats to cover up any patches on the top of the scalp, and for people with little or no hair, hats can be bought that have hair attached.


Another alternative if you have no hair could be to have henna or permanent images tattooed onto your head, this may help you embrace the situation and feel as if you're making the most out of something that has impacted you by taking control. Some people who have chosen this option have said it feels both empowering and therapeutic and allows you to express your creativity and sense of identity.