If you have no or a lack of hairs on your eyebrows you could try an eyebrow pencil. Find an eyebrow pencil that is similar in colour to your hair/wig hair colour, failing this go lighter and not darker as this is likely to look more natural.

  1. Sharpen the pencil so it is very fine.
  2. Place the eyebrow pencil vertically across the tear duct on your eye to measure up with your eyebrow bone, this is where your eyebrows should start from. Mark this with your pencil.
  3. To find the end of where your eyebrows should be place your eyebrow pencil at the edge of your nostril, lining up with the corner of your eye on onto your brow bone. Mark this as the end.
  4. The next part is to find the arch of your brow, to do this line the pencil up again with the outside of your nostril, this time slightly more vertical so it passes by the iris of your eye. This should be your highest point of the brow, again mark this area.
  5. Begin to draw in short soft lines where your eyebrow used to be to give the appearance of natural hair. Don't draw just one line use little strokes to imitate eyebrow hairs.

If you want a bolder look you could use pencil and then a powder to fill in sparse eyebrow spaces. To do this you will want to find a powder that suits your skin tone and hair colour; follow the steps above and then:

  1. Use a small angled eyebrow brush and dip it into brow powder, tap it on the edge to knock off any excess powder.
  2. Start filling in the eyebrow area you have marked out, try following the direction that hair would naturally go.
  3. Try not to press done to hard or over use the powder.
  4. If you still have some eyebrow hairs use a spoolie brush to evenly distribute the powder between your brows.

Eyebrow transfers/temporary 'tattoos'

Eyebrow transfers have become a popular option for those wishing to replace lost brows. Available in different styles and colours, natural looking eyebrows can be created in seconds! They work by applying a wet cloth to them (similar to the cartoon tattoo/transfers you may have worn as a child). The brows last between 24-72 hours and can be a great option for those who are not as confident with applying make up, or not wishing to opt for a more expensive, permanent option (see below). Find products by searching for 'eyebrow transfers' or 'temporary eyebrow tattoo'. Affordable options can be found from a number of UK suppliers and eBay/Etsy. 

Permanent make up
There are businesses which replace missing eyebrows with a method similar to a tattoo, called permanent make-up or micropigmentation. It can normally look good for up to a year, when it can be partly refreshed or renewed. It can be quite expensive, varying from £200-£400. See more on our Permanent make up page.


Drawing on eyebrows has now become very popular with many people doing it as a fashion choice, there are also a multitude of tutorial videos on YouTube describing different products and techniques available.



False eyelashes made of both synthetic and real hair are widely available on-line and in high street chemists. They can be quite tricky to apply to start with but can look very realistic with a bit of effort. With false eyelashes try using eyeliner and mascara for a more realistic look. Consider starting with simple eyelashes, as these may look more natural. Once you feel comfortable applying them you could move to bigger more party lashes!

  1. First line up the lashes with your natural eyeline to see if they are the right size. Some people may need to trim eyelashes down to fit.
  2. Apply a thin layer of glue to the seam of the eyelash, leave this for around 30 seconds to go tacky before applying to you eye.
    Be careful about adding to much glue, if you add too much too soon it may drip down and stick the lashes together. If you have put enough on you can always add more.
  3. Use tweezers or eyelash grippers to place the strip of lashes on your eyelid, as close to your natural eyeline as possible.
  4. Allow the glue to dry, try not to press or flutter your eyes around until they feel stuck.
  5. If wanted you can now apply mascara and eyeliner to fill in any gaps.


To take them off, carefully pull the lashes from one corner. You can then use make up remover to get rid of the glue left on your eyelids.

Most false eyelashes can be worn more than once if looked after properly, to wear them again try to take the excess glue off the lash line before applying again.
Some eyelashes may come pre-glued and can just be stick straight onto your eyeline.

Equally if you feel uncomfortable with fake eyelashes but would like to draw more attention to your eyes, eye liner and eye shadow can both be used.