Shalini joined the Alopecia UK Board in January 2021 and this is her first trustee role.  Shalini started her career in the UK Civil Service focusing on policy development and management, compliance and risk before moving to the financial technology industry. During this time, she was responsible for governance of new regulatory matters impacting new products and services including meeting regulator obligations. She now works in the banking sector specialising in risk management. 

“In the late 1980s at the age of five, I lost my hair and was diagnosed with alopecia areata, a condition that I continue to live with today. As time has progressed, awareness of alopecia is much better compared to over 30 years ago. This shift in awareness is credit to Alopecia UK who continue to work tirelessly in not only providing ongoing support to those affected by alopecia but also raising awareness amongst the general public and medical professionals. I am committed to playing my part and working with Alopecia UK to drive through their initiatives and reaching out to people from all walks of life regardless of background or ethnicity”.

Reviewed by Alopecia UK on 25/03/2024