Catriona joined the Board of Trustees in February 2024. She is a scientist with 20 years’ experience in researching inflammatory and autoimmune diseases and is currently a Senior Lecturer at Ulster University’s Personalised Medicine Centre.

"I had the occasional patch of alopecia areata since I was a teenager. However, in early 2021, I progressed to alopecia universalis, losing my hair over the course of three weeks. As a scientist, I am very excited about recent developments in the treatment of alopecia areata, which I hope will become available to those who would like to explore treatment. As a person living with the condition, I am especially familiar with the personal challenges the condition presents and how difficult adjusting to alopecia can be.

Being part of the Alopecia UK community has been so helpful and I am really pleased to join the Board of Trustees. The charity does incredible work in raising awareness of alopecia, providing help to those experiencing the condition, and advocating for those living with alopecia to have access to the support they need."

Reviewed by Alopecia UK on 25/03/2024