Lucy joined the board in October 2017. Despite doing a marketing degree at the University of the West of England, her career is in finance, working as an Audit Director at Saffery in Bristol. Lucy volunteered for Alopecia UK for several years before joining the board, as well as completing Total Warrior with a team of others affected by alopecia in August 2016. 

"I had Alopecia Areata from the age of ten, until about a year ago when it changed to Alopecia Totalis. During my areata years, i'd have patches come and go however I shaved my head when I went to university and have done ever since (until I stopped needing to!)

When I was younger and losing my hair, there was no such thing as Alopecia UK. Minimal support was available and there were certainly no national events like our popular trip to Alton Towers. Being part of a national charity offering Support, Awareness and Research in to the condition is therefore incredibly important to me. It is fantastic to see so many people come together at our events and so exciting to continue on our growth trajectory, allowing us to fund vital research."

Reviewed by Alopecia UK on 25/03/2024