Our PowerPoint presentations have been created to raise awareness and increase understanding of alopecia areata. We have designed them with young audiences in mind with a view to them being delivered in schools, nurseries, youth clubs, sports groups, guides/scouts meetings.

We have three presentations designed for three different age groups, with the content being slightly different dependant on the age of the intended audience. Each presentation covers some of the following topics:

  • What is alopecia?
  • Can you catch alopecia?
  • What it's like to have alopecia (including personal slide option)
  • How do people deal with having alopecia?
  • How can you help someone with alopecia?

You also might wish to add your own personal experience information into each presentation. 

We would love to hear from any children, teens, parents or teachers who use these presentations to raise awareness. Please leave comments below!

PowerPoint for ages 6 and under

PowerPoint for ages 7-11

PowerPoint for ages 12-16