Who am I?

Sue is Alopecia UK’s Chief Executive Officer, following her appointment in 2022. Sue first came across Alopecia UK in 2016 when she need support on her alopecia journey.  She lives in the Cheshire with her husband Kevin and dog Ruby. Sue has had alopecia areata since childhood.

Sue's background:

Sue’s career is founded in over 25 years in global banking followed by a transition to the charity sector. She is a professionally qualified coach with extensive experience leading large teams through complex change programmes.  For the last 5 years, she has been leading people, culture, and coaching programmes in small charity sector organisations. She brings people leadership skills and curiosity and practical experience.

But it’s not all professional mumbo jumbo. Sue has been a life and career coach at three other charities, working with some of the most disadvantaged families and young people. She understands the impact of trauma and difference on a person, and how much knowledge and support matters.  She enjoys getting hands-on and seeing change happen first-hand.

Sue at Alopecia UK:

Sue works across the whole charity, multi-hatting across all aspects of our day-to-day support, awareness and research activities.  With no day the same as the last, she can be found in charity development, strategic planning, evaluation and reporting, people management, recruitment, governance, communication, fundraising, technology and more. 

Before joining as an employee Sue volunteered and fundraised for Alopecia UK.

Why Alopecia UK?

“I was first diagnosed with alopecia areata in primary school, my teenage years were tough, but I especially recall my twenties and fearing that my patchy hair loss would show and somehow impact how I was regarded at work, it didn’t!

I found Alopecia UK when I lost all my hair in my 40s.  I recall first speaking to Amy who signposted me to our supportive private Facebook group, it was such a relief to know I was not alone.  I then attended Alton Towers and a Big Weekend event.  I am in no doubt that meeting other people with alopecia face to face and online was the game-changer for my mindset, and I my confidence grew! 

On reflection, losing my hair has challenged me to find my strengths. It took a while to get here, but I know I am a better person and have developed a kinder outlook on the world. 

I am already in no doubt that Alopecia UK is punching above its weight.  We are a small team, I am the 7th employee, only 3 of my colleagues work full time.  We are also supported by a fantastic squad of volunteers who keep the support groups and Facebook groups moderated safely, bring clinical and psychological skills to our Research Committee and business expertise to our Trustee Board. Just pause for a moment to think of all those people aligned and passionate about improving the lives of people with alopecia.  It is completely inspiring!

Leading this amazing charity will mean that I can help more people earlier in their alopecia story". 

Sue's favourite inspirational quotes:

Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do. (Brené Brown)

It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts. (Harry S Truman)

Reviewed by Alopecia UK on 25/03/2024