Who am I?

I am Alopecia UK’s Charity Administrator I started working for AUK in February 2018.  I am a Yorkshire girl born and bred and am very excited to get stuck into this new role and see how the charity can continue to grow.

How did I get involved with Alopecia UK?

Having met Amy and Jen from the charity in late 2016 I expressed my keen interest in a job with the charity should the occasion ever arise. I kept in contact with them whilst I had a career break to go travelling, updating them along the way with the ups and downs of travelling with alopecia. To my delight, after interviewing for the Charity Administrator job, I was offered the opportunity to join the team and couldn’t think of a better reason to head on back home!

What is my ‘alopecia story’?

I have had alopecia since 2014, noticing my first patch in around April (my birthday month of all times!) It started falling out quite rapidly from that moment and within around 6 weeks I was completely bald. I was diagnosed as having alopecia totalis and quickly leapt to my nearest wig supplier to feel some semblance of normality during this confusing time.  That summer I had the amazing opportunity to work at a children’s camp in America, I tried to take the hair loss in my stride and carry on as planned. My alopecia developed whilst I was away into alopecia universalis meaning I lost all my body hair too, eyelashes, eyebrows, nose hair?! (What’s that about?) – The lot! Which being away from home and having to draw on dodgy wonky eyebrows everyday was a bit distressing.

However, over the years I came to a comfortable place buying wigs I thought suited me, getting my eyebrows tattooed and generally being okay. A small marvel happened in late 2016 where I saw some minor regrowth happening that continued into a full head of hair…. And then the patches came. I now sit in that sweet medium spot where I have hair on my head which I can thankfully use to cover the patches, one dark haired eyebrow, one light and approximately 3 eyelashes. Oh what fun!

What are my hopes for Alopecia UK?

Growth! I would love to see Alopecia UK get to a point where it’s strongly established, sustainable and respected so that we never have to worry about people with alopecia not getting the support and guidance needed to help them. I’d like to get to a point where people understand that alopecia is not just the physical manifestation of hair loss but the psychological impact it can have on a person.  I hope to see the research side of things develop as the charity grows and give us all a better understanding of how and why alopecia presents as it does. Further, I hope AUK continues providing people with the ability to connect and make essential support networks.