'My Mum' Story Booklet

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'My Mum' is a short rhyming story designed for young children who have mums with alopecia. 
If your little one is struggling to understand or come to terms with Mum looking different, this booklet could be just the thing to help! And even if your little ones are fine regarding your alopecia, we're sure they'd think this story booklet is pretty cool.
It is a short 10 verse rhyming story that we hope will appeal to all ages but primarily it is aimed at a primary school aged audience (ages 3 - 7 ish!). However, we think the lovely illustrations and real-life photos included at the end make this a helpful story booklet for all Mums with alopecia. 
The A5 booklet is paperback with a glossy cover. 
The story has been written by Amy Johnson, illustrated by Mandy Eaton-MacLean and designed by Robert Newman of Toasted (www.toasted.biz).

Some feedback about 'My Mum':

"Before getting this book, if I ever got myself ready without a wig and would say 'Come on, we're going out', my 3 yr old would say 'Noooo, you can't go out like that! You need your wig on, I don't like it'. Then after we've ready the 'My Mum' story together, I tried it this morning, got myself ready without a wig and said 'Come on, we're off out', he just said 'Ok!!' He didn't question my lack of wig at all! How amazing is that?! This book has done that! He has never been that ok when I have no wig on" - Rachael. 

"I showed my daughter before my shave. So she knew that I would be just as beautiful as the bald mummies in the back of her book. She has ASD and ADHD and doesn't cope with change very well. But this book has been a life line. She reads it at night and takes it to school incase anyone asks any questions" - Fay. 

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