Dark Blue with White Dandelion Tube Scarf

Please note, currently due to the staff team working from home, postage of shop items will only take place once a week on Wednesdays.

These multifunctional tube scarves are a perfect option for those with alopecia. 

They can be worn in more than a dozen different ways (as demonstrated in the diagrams included on the packaging provided). Options include: Alice Band, Bandana, Cap, Scarf and Neckerchief.

Each item is 100% Polyester and are an Adult size (one size fits all). Depending on how these items are worn, they may be suitable for children. 

We have 4 designs, each reflecting Alopecia UK's new charity branding. Please see the other shop listings to view the different designs available. 
Prices include P&P to a UK address. Extra charges apply for International Postage.