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Finding research articles

Pubmed is a searchable database of published research articles. Some articles may be available freely, on Pubmed itself or through the full text links on the top right, which usually redirect to the journal websites.

Google scholar is another good way to find research articles. If you are unable to find a freely accessible version of an article, it is advised to search for a free PDF version by clicking on "All n versions".

If you are then still unable to find a free version of the article, you can try asking the "corresponding author" (usually the first or last author) for a PDF copy of the article, via e-mail.

Alternatively, contact the Alopecia UK research manager on [email protected] for help finding an article or to discuss its contents.

Clinical trials

ISRCTN is a register for clinical trials, it holds information on previous, current and future trials and includes plain English summaries. is a database of clinical trials, which holds protocols and results for studies.