2020 is going to be an exciting year! Not only is it the start of fresh new decade, it's the year Alopecia UK turns 15! 

September 2020 marks the fifteenth anniversary of Alopecia UK officially registering as a charity with the Charity Commission of England and Wales. 

To mark this occasion, the AUK Team has decided that we'd like to raise £15,000 for 15 years of AUK - #AUK15for15 

2020 is a milestone year for two of the AUK Team too. Jen and Amy have 'Alopeciaversaries' in 2020. For Jen, 2020 marks 25 years since she first lost her hair. And for Amy, it's 10 years since her first headshave. As such, they've both set themselves a series of 15 challenges which feature their anniversary numbers of 25 and 10. Check our Jen's challenges here and Amy's here

And they've roped in other AUK Team members too! Naomi, KerryKelly and Carolyn have all set up their own #AUK15for15 pages and we REALLY hope that lots of wonderfully generous folks within the alopecia community will do their own thing in 2020 to help us reach our target. 

You could do what Jen, Amy and Kelly have done and set 15 challenges to try and improve your own lives/well-being whilst raising funds for Alopecia UK. Or take a leaf out of Naomi's book and throw in plenty of ways to help others. Or join Kerry and Carolyn by using #AUK15for15 as an opportunity to re-engage with an activity you love!

The possibilities for #AUK15for15 are endless. It could be as simple as doing one activity. Perhaps you could take part in a 15k or 15mile walk or run and ask family and friends to sponsor you? Perhaps you could host a Mad Hatters Party in 2020? Or you might be able to get your colleagues or classmates to join you in raising funds for Alopecia UK in 2020. 

We need lots of you to get behind us in the year ahead. Remember, we can only continue the work we do with YOUR support. 

If you would like to set up your own #AUK15for15 fundraising page, you can do so here (be sure to select '£15,000 for 15 Years of Alopecia UK' as the campaign to raise funds for) 

Thanks so much for your support!