Kerry Montgomery

I considered doing 15 challenges but I decided to be a bit different (because I’m awkward – sorry!). I am using this as an opportunity to improve my physical and mental health by taking up running again.

I started running in 2011 following a bit of a health scare, all fine in the end, but it made me want to get fit and healthy. Running really helped me, I felt physically better and it became a great way of reducing stress. As cheesy as it sounds running really did help me through some very tough times.

However, in 2016 I was training for a half marathon and I got injured and broke a bone in my foot. Sadly, I never quite got back to running - things always seemed to get in the way, work, kids, life. But now I want to start again. Believe me when I say this is me starting from scratch - right now the thought of running for longer than a few minutes fills me with dread as I don’t know if my body will cope.

But here is my challenge - 15 miles for 15 years of Alopecia UK. As the anniversary is in September that’s when I plan to do the 15 mile run. Until then I will be doing lots of running to train myself in preparation so this is a big commitment which will see me having to run a few times a week. I will update everyone on my progress - it won’t be pretty!

I would love to encourage anyone out there who is considering taking up a hobby, getting fit or wanting to improve their mental health to take up this challenge with me in 2020. We can share training plans to get us to the big day (date to be confirmed) and encourage each other (I know I will need it). I will even consider setting up an AUK running group (maybe on Facebook?) for fellow runners to join me.


Kerry Montgomery