Jennifer Chambers The rationale behind this crazy idea…

In a nutshell… I’ve focussed too much energy on work to the detriment of my personal life. This year is all about finding a bit of balance and pushing myself to do things for myself that I either put off or think ‘I can’t do that’. For some reason while I have a can do ‘just make it happen’ attitude for work, I don’t seem to have that mentality for myself and my everyday life. As a result I decided to make my personal life a work thing by incorporating a work element into it, having to do the below challenges in order to try and raise some funds for the charity!

Time to get out of the comfort zone.

Any support and encouragement is most welcome!

The Challenges:
1) 25 runs (being able to comfortably run 2.5 miles non-stop)
2) 25 walks (culminating in a 25 mile walk that I’ve booked on to in August)
3) 25 gym sessions
4) 25 swims
5) 25 yoga sessions
6) 25 bike rides (aiming to do 25 miles comfortably)
7) Plank (aiming to plank for 2.5 minutes by my birthday)
8) 25 minutes of meditation a week (starting in January)
9) 25 pamper activities
10) 25 blogs posts
11) 25 favourite photos printed and on the wall
12) 25 new items of clothing (I will explain all these I promise!)
13) 25 fun times with family and friends
14) 25 new experiences
15) 25…dun dun duuunn… dates. Shock horror. And probably the hardest one.

I’m sure friends and family will probably know why I’ve chosen most of these. I may at some point explain elsewhere. I will say that some of them can overlap (I might go on a new experience with a date for example!). Also, speed dating counts! When I’ve told some people about this they’ve responded with “you’re going to be busy” but actually all of the above are just things I should be doing. But I don’t. Do any of it! I’ve progressively become a work obsessed hermit over the last seven years. Hence it’s not an easy thing for me to do! But here goes!

Please do sponsor me if you can! I’d really, REALLY appreciate it! We’re a very worthy charity to give money to, I promise 😉

I also intend to organise a few mini fundraiser events to try and bump up my total. Speed dating night being one of them. Oh god.

Why 15 challenges and what’s with the number 25?

In 2020 I’ll have had alopecia for 25 years so this is me marking my anniversary. The charity, Alopecia UK, also has its 15th Birthday next year so this is me marking that milestone too and contributing towards our campaign to raise £15,000 for 15 years of Alopecia UK.

Hopefully I'll post progress on Insta (@justjen_public) & Twitter (@alopeciajen) to let you know how I'm getting on (which I actually feel is the biggest commitment as I don't do well with social media, but I'll try!).


Thank you for taking the time to read my page.x
Jennifer Chambers