We always need enthusiastic supporters to organise fundraising/awareness events in aid of Alopecia UK. We've been very lucky over the years to have individuals host all sorts of events for Alopecia UK; cake sales, head shaves, coffee mornings, sponsored runs, sky dives etc. 

This year we wanted to suggest a way you could both have some fun and raise awareness/funds for Alopecia UK. We're inviting you to host a Mad Hatter's Party!

What is a Mad Hatter's Party?

Well, it can be anyone you want it to be really! Probably the first thing your mind conjures up is the Mad Hatter's Tea Party from Alice In  Wonderland. You could host a tea and cakes style event and ask for donations for the food and drink consumed. Or you could organise more of a family fun day event and bring in activities such as face painting and games. You could get your colleagues or schoolmates involved and host one within a workplace or school. Or you could perhaps host a more grown up party in a bar; Mad Hatter cocktail anyone?!

The key thing is encourage those taking part to don some wonderful, colourful, wild or zany hats and headwear. Perhaps find a colourful wig or a crazy style - rainbow mullet anyone?! The bigger and dafter the look, the better! 

It's an easy and fun idea for everyone to get involved in and we're keen to support anyone who might want to host a Mad Hatter's Party in aid of Alopecia UK. We think a Mad Hatter's Party will appeal to everyone, young and old. You can tailor the party to be what you want it to be. 

If you'd like to host a Mad Hatter's Party in aid of Alopecia UK, email us ([email protected]) and we'll send you a Mad Hatter's Party pack, including: 

5 x A4 Mad Hatter's Party Posters

2 x sheets of 'Mad As A Hatter' Stickers 

20 x Alopecia UK Charity Leaflets

20 x alopecia awareness cards