This month, we are delighted to welcome three new members with a range of expertise to the Research Committee. Their main role will be to review applications for research funding during our grant rounds. They will also help us achieve our research aim by keeping us connected to everything that’s going on in the alopecia research world. The new members are: 

Dr Syreeta Daw 

As a General Practitioner with an Extended Role (GPwER) in Medical Dermatology and Skin Surgery, Syreeta has a special interest in hair loss disorders and skin of colour. Having previously supported us on our Charter for Best Practice for NHS Wig Provision, she also has an active interest in Dermatology education and teaching.   


Dr Margo Gkini 

Dr Gkini is a Consultant Dermatologist with special interests in hair diseases, advanced treatments and psychodermatology, which describes the psychological impact of skin disease. She has a strong research interest and she has led or collaborated on more than 45 studies, which has allowed her to offer innovative and promising treatments to her patients.  


Dr Kevin McElwee 

Dr McElwee has worked as a hair research scientist for more than 25 years and has published over 120 medical journal articles and academic book chapters on hair loss research. He is currently a consultant for several companies developing treatments for alopecia areata and androgenetic alopecia.  


Sadly, at this time we also bid farewell to Dr Nigel Hunt and Dr Annika Åstrand, who depart the committee after 5 years.


We are very grateful for the support they have given us, which has enabled us to invest so much into the highest quality research.  

Profiles of the full committee can be found here