September is Alopecia Awareness Month, a month dedicated to spreading the word about alopecia and raising much-needed funds for Alopecia UK. 

We are hoping to recruit 80 x Charity Champions to help us to raise awareness of alopecia and help us to raise £10,000* for our 2021 Alopecia Awareness Month Appeal. 

Why is awareness important?

By helping to spread the word about alopecia during Alopecia Awareness Month, you play an important part in changing the landscape for those with hair loss conditions. Not only do you help to develop greater empathy from both the public and medical professionals, but you also help to reduce the stigma towards hair loss held by society.

Putting it simply, you can help to make the world an easier place to live with alopecia.

Why do we encourage fundraising in September?

Alopecia UK is a small charity working to improve the lives of those affected by alopecia through aims of Support, Awareness and Research. We rely on public fundraising to continue the work we do.

Every penny you raise helps to support the continued work of Alopecia UK. We could not do all the things we do without your help!

The global pandemic has been a challenging time for everyone, including Alopecia UK. More than ever before, we need the alopecia community (and those connected to it) to pull together to ensure the charity is here for as long as we are needed.

What do we need our Charity Champions to do?

We ask that Alopecia UK Charity Champions commit to the following this September:

  1. Do something to raise awareness of alopecia and champion the work of Alopecia UK
  1. Do something to raise funds for Alopecia UK –we suggest you aim for a minimum fundraising target of £125. It helps to have a target to hit/smash! Any amount you raise for Alopecia UK, however big or small, is hugely appreciated.
  1. Have fun and enjoy Alopecia Awareness Month!

In a nutshell, it is about getting involved and doing your bit to get people talking about alopecia this September. You will help to raise the profile of alopecia and support the national charity that is working hard for those affected by alopecia.

If this sounds like something you can help us with, we would LOVE to have you involved. Please take a couple of minutes to complete a short form so that we can collect some information we need and we will email you a Charity Champion pack! 

Thanks for supporting Alopecia UK - we REALLY appreciate it!


**UPDATE: Following a PHENOMENAL first week of fundraising, we have increased our fundraising target to £15,000 as our website prevents further people from joining an appeal once a target has been reached and we know that some people will want to support us later in the month!