Welcome to the Surrey group. Our group meetings are a safe place to share our stories (if you wish to, there is no pressure) and learn more about alopecia in it's various forms. Talking to others can help to gain an understanding about the different ways we are affected by our hair loss and the practical means by which we can help ourselves feel more confident in the way we look, act and feel. I look forward to meeting you. Elaine

What happens at the group?

Our group meetings are really informal and relaxed, it’s a really nice atmosphere. A few examples of the types of things we do at a group meeting are: inviting speakers to do Q & A’s on alopecia, wig demonstrations, social outings such as going for a meal and show and tell (not like the school show and tell !).

Group dates:




Extra Meeting Details:

We have now tentatively re-opened our support groups, however, it is at the discretion of individual group leads to decide what they feel comfortable delivering in the community, in addition to local COVID-19 guidance given in your area.

If you are interested in attending a future group meeting, please contact Elaine directly for more information on upcoming meetings.

Please contact the group lead prior to attending a meeting so they can plan accordingly. 

Who can attend:

    This group is designed for any adult living with or affected by alopecia from the ages of 18 and above.  

    Contact details:

    Email: [email protected]
    Elaine is happy to answer any questions about the group and provide a listening ear at a time arranged by email. Please be aware that any questions Elaine is unable to answer will be sent on to staff at Alopecia UK.
    Support Group Leads are not professional counsellors but people who have personal experiences with alopecia and, along with member of the support group can help to give insight and advice on living and dealing with alopecia on a day to day basis. 
    Please note that our Support Group Leads are volunteers and do this in their spare time, as such please allow up to a week for replies to emails

    Elaine's link with alopecia: 

     until 2015 when it suddenly progressed to Alopecia Universalis. I understand the fear and worry that dramatic changes to your appearance can have on your emotional wellbeing. Coming to Alopecia UK and meeting people with the same condition and hearing their experiences, suggestions and positivity gave me courage to accept myself with or without hair and face the world without fear. Helping and supporting others on the same journey is my way of saying thank you for the help I have received.

    Elaine has had alopecia for over thirty years and currently has alopecia universalis.  

    From Elaine: 
    "I was first diagnosed with alopecia aged 19 and have had hair loss patches of varying sizes over the 30 years

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