Welcome to the London kids group. We meet two or three times a year to give families a chance to meet others affected by alopecia. It’s a fun group, we plan activities and trips out and it gives kids a chance to meet and get to know each other while doing something fun. Parents can join in but also use it as a chance to chat with each other and share their experiences.

What happens at the group?

I ask the group what sorts of things they would like to do and then I do my best to plan and organise activities. We have previously had trips to the History Museum, a Science party and an animal zoo. In 2021 we will be doing more of the same, kicking off the year with a fun online meeting, full of games and activities – it's not to be missed.

Group dates:

Date: Time: Location: Extra Meeting Details:

We have now tentatively re-opened our support groups, however, it is at the discretion of individual group leads to decide what they feel comfortable delivering in the community, in addition to local COVID-19 guidance given in your area.

If you are interested in attending a future group meeting, please contact Kelly directly for more information on upcoming meetings.

Please contact the group lead prior to attending a meeting so they can plan accordingly. 

Who can attend:

    This group is designed for any child or young person and their family living with or affected by alopecia from the ages of 18 and under.

    • Please note that anyone under the age of 17 must be accompanied by someone age 18 or over. 

    Contact details:

    Kelly Young
    Email: [email protected]
    Kelly is a part of the Alopecia UK staff team and is happy to answer any questions about the group and provide a listening ear at a time arranged by email. Support Group Leads are not professional counsellors but people who have personal experiences with alopecia and, along with member of the support group can help to give insight and advice on living and dealing with alopecia on a day to day basis. 

    Kelly's links with alopecia: 

    I first started noticing my hair would periodically shed....a lot, once every year or two from the age of around 14. For a few weeks each year buckets of hair would come out, but it always stopped and things would settle down/grow back. In 2015, about six months after I finished university, my hair continued to fall out more than this usual pattern and I noticed the typical 10p sized bald patch on my head. The dermatologist thought it might be reoccurring Telogen Effluvium and Alopecia Areata. It's 2021 when I'm writing this, and I have more or less full regrowth (at the moment - touch wood) and now I want to support younger people experiencing all types of hair loss.

    I am so passionate about helping people with alopecia. It can be a scary, confusing, and upsetting experience - I want to provide a safe space for children to play and meet others in a similar situation. Do come along to one of our meetings. 

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