With the UEFA Euro 2024 competition about to kick off, the Alopecia UK team is about to be gripped with football fever! And with both England and Scotland qualifying for the competition, it could be an interesting few weeks for our staff team which is divided between England and Scotland. Not to mention our Research Manager Niels who is a Dutchman living in Scotland and will be supporting both The Netherlands and Scotland (but definitely NOT England, he was clear on that!).

All this talk of the Euros got us wondering if anyone in our community would like to do organise a sweepstake, perhaps in their workplace, or among their family and friends, to raise much-needed funds for Alopecia UK. 

We have created a printable sweepstake pdf to make it really easy for you to organise. Our suggestion is to ask for a £5 donation per team, with half the collection going to the person with the tournament-winning team, and half to Alopecia UK. With 24 teams in the competition, that would mean £60 for the winner, and £60 for Alopecia UK. If you think people are happy to pay more, you could up the stakes to £10 a team, meaning £120 to the winner, and £120 for Alopecia UK. 

Any money raised will help Alopecia UK to continue its work to improve the lives of those affected by alopecia. 

Download your Euro 2024 sweepstake resources here

*We feel we should point out that only one staff member was daft enough to actually have a photo of themselves covered in face paint...thanks to Niels for allowing us to take some artistic license to give us our banner image above.