In addition to our support groups where you can meet others with alopecia face to face and share experiences, we also have options for online peer support.  Our online platforms can be a great first step for those who have never met or talked to anyone about their alopecia, they are also much more accessible for all.  Our old website hosted a forum which used to be an incredibly popular and busy place for those with alopecia when it was first set up.  However, as times and technology have changed, our Facebook Group is now where everyone seems to gather to chat with others, share experiences and benefit from that much needed understanding that comes from others in the same boat who just 'get it'.  We also have a Healthunlocked forum for those who do not wish to join a Facebook Group.  Further details about both below along with links to find them.


Our Facebook Group is our primary online peer support platform, along with its three sub-groups. The main Alopecia UK (Group) can be found here.  Facebook sub-groups which we felt would benefit from having their own space are:

With over 6000 members the main group is a busy place to be! Each month we have over one hundred new members joining and group members posting 500+ posts and 7000+ comments.  It is a great place for people with all types of alopecia (hair loss).  Our admins and moderators strive to ensure our Facebook groups are a friendly place, encouraging a community feel that allows for useful peer support to come through. All of our Facebook groups are 'closed groups' which means that any posts made within the group are not seen by your Facebook friends, unless of course they are also a member of the group. 

Healthunlocked Forum

Healthunlocked - This provides a further opportunity for an online forum for those with hair loss, with the option of full anonymity similar to our old discussion forum.  While not as busy as our Facebook Group this can still provide a useful way of chatting to others with alopecia.  We are on the lookout for volunteers to help moderate this forum, if interested please do contact us.