Blue & Grey Camo - Youth Size Tube Scarf

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These multifunctional tube scarves are a perfect option for those with alopecia. A quick and easy option to put on, ideal for wearing to the gym, on walks or around the house. 

Please note, if wearing as a way to cover from the sun, be sure to apply sun cream too as these tube scarves are not made from UV resistant fabric - and we wouldn't want anyone to get sunburn!

The scarves can be worn in more than a dozen different ways, as demonstrated below in the attached image (We recommend searching for tube scarf demo videos on YouTube too!)

Options include: Alice Band, Bandana, Cap, Scarf and Neckerchief.

This item is made from 100% Polyester Microfibre and is Youth Size (23cm x 45cm). Also suitable for adults with smaller heads or those happy with a more snug fit. 

Purchasing one of these tube scarves is a great way to support Alopecia UK!

Prices include P&P to a UK address. Extra charges apply for International Postage.