One of our long-term members of the Alopecia UK Facebook Group, Emma Siedle-Collins, has compiled a book of photos of people with alopecia called 'People Like Us'. Emma signed up as a Charity Champion this September (Alopecia Awareness Month) and is selling these books to raise funds and awareness for Alopecia UK! We caught up with her to find out more..

Tell us a bit about the idea behind the book 'People Like Us', what prompted you to create this?

The idea for this book of portraits came about after seeing so many posts from people, in the Alopecia UK support group on Facebook, embracing their new hair loss, or celebrating a personal achievement, which I found so inspiring. I decided to ask people to contribute a photograph along with a sentence or two of positivity, something that helps them get through the knock in confidence that they may have had or a mantra that they live by. This book is my small contribution to the fantastic community of people with alopecia and might also give some comfort or advice to others, as well as supporting the great work of Alopecia UK.

Have you enjoyed the process of compiling the images and words for the book?

The book started as a fundraiser but became more than that, a connection between myself and the 103 contributors. I have really enjoyed getting to know them better when chatting about which photo or words to use and sharing our stories. Some wanted to put a photo of them with and without a head covering, a step that shows courage but also embraces the fact that we can choose to wear what we like, what makes us feel comfortable.

You signed up as a Charity Champion this September and ‘People Like Us’ is raising funds for Alopecia UK. Tell us more..

Alopecia UK is a small charity with a huge amount of people to support so I was proud to be amongst a fantastic group of Charity Champions who have raised an amazing amount for the charity this September, along with raising awareness and directing people to the very informative website which is a great resource for both people with and without alopecia. The proceeds of the book, minus a small contribution towards printing costs, will all go to Alopecia UK. 

How can people get a copy of 'People Like Us'? 

I am selling the book through my PayPal account. If you would like to order a copy, please email me at [email protected] and I will send you a payment link. Thank you to everyone who has supported so far with their orders. It has been wonderful sending the first copies out into the world! 

A huge thank you to Emma for creating this wonderful book and thank you to everyone who provided their images and words for 'People Like Us'.