We have come up with ten top tips to help make your fundraising a success!

1. Keep your idea simple - often the simplest ideas are the most effective. We detail five of our most popular fundraising options here. Or you can find our A-Z featuring over 100 fundraising ideas here

2. Set yourself a fundraising target - this will help focus your efforts.

3. Work out any costs - if there are any costs involved, investigate if anyone can help to cover those costs.

4. Set up an online fundraising page- ideally set one up directly through Alopecia UK's website. Unlike other fundraising platforms, the only deductions are the usual debit/credit card transaction fees. 

5. Ask friends and family for help - others are often happy to get involved with fundraising efforts, particularly if the charity is also close to their hearts.

6. Contact everyone you know - don't just stick with family and friends, try to get neighbours, colleagues and your local community involved too.

7. Consider having a paper sponsorship form too - if doing a sponsored event, give your supporters the option of cash/cheque sponsorship - not everyone is happy with online transactions. A copy can be downloaded here.  

8. Publicise your event - use our posters, social media (Facebook/Twitter), local press.

9. Ask about 'Matched Funding' - if you have an employer, ask if they operate a 'matched funding' scheme. This is a simple way to boost your fundraising total - just ask your manager or HR department.

10 - Keep in touch with Alopecia UK - we may be able to help. We can perhaps promote your efforts on our social media and website and we may be able to offer other advice and resources. Email us at [email protected] and let us know your plans! 

Above all, have lots of fun with whatever you choose to do! Thank you for your support!