At Alopecia UK, we rely on the efforts of fundraisers to continue our work to improve the lives of those affected by alopecia through our aims of Support, Awareness and Research. In this blog post, we highlight five of the most popular fundraising activities that our community get involved in for us.

1. Make a run for it!

Whether you join an organised running challenge event or do your own thing by perhaps covering a set distance over a period (e.g. run 100 miles in a month), there are lots of possibilities! Organised running events cover lots of different distances from 5ks to 10ks, half marathons to full marathons. Being a small charity, we are unable to purchase lots of places in events across the UK. We rely on individuals to secure their own places in events and use these to raise funds for Alopecia UK. You can find organised running events local to you here

2. Cream of the crop!

Sponsored hair cuts and head shaves are a very popular fundraising option for Alopecia UK. Whether it be someone with alopecia shaving their head for the first time, and using that opportunity to raise funds, or someone who doesn't have alopecia wanting to cut their hair or shave their head to show support. Alopecia UK does not accept hair donations but we encourage anyone doing a sponsored hair cut or head shave for Alopecia UK to consider if they can donate their hair to Little Princess Trust

3. Back to basics!

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most effective and a very easy fundraising idea is a dress down / non-uniform day for workplaces or schools. In exchange for a small donation (typically £1), colleagues and classmates can wear their comfy clothes. It's an easy way to collect cash for AUK. And if your workplace or school already has regular dress-down days, how about dressing-up?! Fancy dress days can be a fun option too!

4. Happy birthday to you!

Did you know that Facebook provides the opportunity to set up a 'Birthday Fundraiser' when your birthday approaches? The Facebook birthday fundraisers are very simple to set up and provide an opportunity for you to ask your friends and family for small donations to Alopecia UK, perhaps in lieu of cards and presents. The average amount raised on a Facebook birthday fundraiser page is £71, which might not sound like a huge amount but believe us when we say that these amounts really do add up! If you are looking for a light-touch, minimum effort type of fundraising, a Facebook birthday fundraiser might be for you! Set up your page here

5. Virtual fundraising

Ever wanted to walk from John O'Groats to Land's End? Or swim the English Channel? Or climb Mount Everest? Or cycle the length of the Great Wall of China? All of these activities would be very expensive to arrange but thanks to virtual challenges, you can embark on distance challenges in a virtual capacity, allowing you to choose to run, walk, swim or cycle the distance. And the best bit is that you get updates on your progress and get a medal at the end too! Our Operations Manager Amy is attempting to walk the distance of Route 66 before her 40th birthday next year. Conqueror Virtual Challenges is one company selling virtual challenge packages. 

If you are wanting a longer list of fundraising ideas, check out our Fundraising A-Z here. It would be amazing if you could support us with some fundraising this year.