Welcome to the Swansea Support Group! I am really looking forward to welcoming more people into the group!

What happens at the group?

We are a new group but I have lots of ideas of things we can do. This year I am hoping to invite local wig companies along, and make-up artists to give us a demonstration. I am also planning to invite a local dermatologist to do a Q & A and a local wellbeing professional.

Group dates:

Currently the Swansea group has no meeting dates planned. Please check again soon for further meetings. 

Date: Time: Location: Extra Meeting Details 

Saturday 27th April 2024


Grand Hotel, Ivey Place, Swansea SA1 1NX  

Please contact the group lead prior to attending a meeting so they can plan accordingly. 

Who can attend:

This group is designed for any adult living with or affected by alopecia from the ages of 15 and above. 

  • Please note that those aged 15-17 must be accompanied by someone aged 18 or over. For those with children up to the age of 14, please contact the group lead to discuss if the group would be suitable for them. 
  • If under the age of 15 and looking for your closest support group please see here for a list of our children and teen groups. 

Contact details:

Deborah Alford
Email: [email protected]
Deborah is happy to answer any questions about the group and provide a listening ear at a time arranged by email. Please be aware that any questions Deborah is unable to answer will be sent on to staff at Alopecia UK.
Support Group Leads are not professional counsellors but people who have personal experiences with alopecia and, along with members of the support group can help to give insight and advice on living and dealing with alopecia on a day to day basis. 
Please note that our Support Group Leads are volunteers and do this in their spare time, as such please allow up to a week for replies to emails.

Deborah's link with alopecia: 

I’m Debs, I'm 53 years old and have had Alopecia for about 15 years. It started with just small patches coming and going. But then 9 years ago, within 2 weeks, all of my hair (everywhere!) fell out. I’ve just felt so alone no support or anyone to turn to or talk to about the hair loss or more so about wigs.. where do I go? Where do I get them from? How do I do my make up with no eyelashes? Etc etc. So now I am coming to terms with my alopecia I would love to help and support others so they never feel the way I did.

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