Sue Schilling has joined the team here at Alopecia UK as Charity Development Manager, working in a job-sharing partnership with Jen Chambers.  Sue has been involved with Alopecia UK since 2016 and has supported us as a volunteer focussed on coaching and governance in the last year.

Jen will still be around, albeit for fewer hours each week, which means we keep her insights and passion for supporting people with alopecia, building awareness, and research.  Those of you who know Jen won’t be surprised to learn that she is still using her superpowers to strengthen and build up another charity, just as she did here at Alopecia UK.

We asked Simon Ray, our Chair of Trustees, for a comment

“I am thrilled that we’ve been able to support Jen’s next adventure whilst keeping her expertise and energy within the Charity.  Jen has been able to take the leap to her new part-time role because she found and identified Sue as the perfect partner.  We are both delighted to have Sue on board, she brings experience and fresh perspective to take us to the next Chapter.”

Jen Chambers told us

“This is such an exciting time, both for me personally and for Alopecia UK.  I feel a sense of freedom because I know that Sue understands what we do and why it matters.  We are working on a plan for the job share, but Sue is hands-on and already making a difference.  Outside of Alopecia UK I now work three days a week on another charity that provides counselling and creative therapies to children and young people.  I feel sure that Sue and I will continue to learn from one another, and that’s got to be a good thing for both charities!”

As the newbie, we’ve given Sue the final word..

“I am immensely proud to be joining the team here.  I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jen as a volunteer for much of 2021 and as a friend, I am delighted to be working with her here at Alopecia UK. 

You will see in my bio that I am already in no doubt that Alopecia UK is punching above its weight.  We are a small team, I am the 7th employee, only 3 people work full time.  We are also supported by a fantastic squad of volunteers who keep the support groups and Facebook groups moderated safely, bring clinical and psychological skills for our research committees and business expertise to our Board. Just pause for a moment to think of all those people aligned and passionate about improving the lives of people with alopecia.  It is completely inspiring!

The more you get to know me the more you will see that philosophy on leadership is to listen, be curious, understand, and then lead. In the first instance, that means I will be supporting and getting to know the team, volunteers, professional partners, and researchers. This is important if I am to honour the heritage of this charity while planning the future.

And talking of that future, I ask three things for you to consider;

  • Give a regular donation if you can afford it. This type of core funding is important to keep us sustainable.
  • Become a volunteer, right now we are seeking people to lead our support groups.
  • Raise awareness in your community, perhaps a presentation at work or school, then let us know what you’re up to so we can shout it from the hilltops.

I am excited about new opportunities and am looking forward to sharing more stories in the months to come.”

Welcome Sue! We are delighted for you to join Team AUK!