As most of you will know, I have had alopecia since I was 10 years old. I have had periods of re-growth, however my hair started to fall out again when I was about 22 years old and I have had Alopecia Universalis (loss of all hair - head, brows, lashes etc.) for the last 4-5 years.

After moving to London, I was fortunate enough to find the Alopecia UK London Support Group. Since this time, I have become more and more involved with the charity, now running that Support Group and volunteering at numerous Alopecia UK awareness and support events such as the annual Alton Tower trips and Big Weekends.
This charity has done so much for my acceptance and confidence of my alopecia. It has also allowed me to make so many friends with alopecia, helping me not feel so alone in my journey.

My amazing family know how much this charity means to me, and 2 of my siblings (we won't mention the one that isn't.....*cough MEGS cough*) are joining me in 2 upcoming challenges to raise awareness and (hopefully!) some funds for Alopecia UK.

Firstly, on Saturday 8th September, my brother Sam and I (along with other members of the London Support Group, my gorgeous friend Joey and other Alopecia UK members) are taking on the ROUGH RUNNER event in London! This is a 10K obstacle course inspired by shows like Total Wipeout, Takeshi's Castle and Gladiator - I am DETERMINED to get up that Travelator! The Apatchy Warriors will once again be out in force, and I cannot wait! September is also 'Alopecia Awareness' month - so what better way to celebrate that!

Secondly, my big sister Jess and I are going to challenge ourselves to complete the Plymouth 10k on Sunday 7th October. Now, I don't know how well you guys know me or my sister - but let me tell you - running a 10K without stopping (or fun obstacles throughout!) is a pretty big deal for us! Even before I offered to join, the lovely Jess had already decided she wanted to fundraise for Alopecia UK as she knows just how much this charity does for me and others with alopecia. As a team, we are called (in your best Arnie voice please....!) 'Hastalopecia Babyyyyy'

Thank you all so much for even reading all my ramblings above! Please give what you can - no donation is too small - or indeed too big!

Lots of love!

Amy Amy Harmsworth