So this is difficult to write but for many reason I feel the need to write it. In November 2019 I was over the moon to discover that me and Chris were expecting a little bundle of joy! We hadnt been trying long and it all happened really quickly but we were chuffed. 10 days after finding out I began to bleed, obviously new to this we were worried and went to get checked out. I was given a scan and we were told that they couldnt find anything, thus diagnosing a failed pregnancy (miscarriage). We were heart broken. In such a short time we went from ultimate high to ultimate low. It put alot of stress on us individually and as a couple. We worked through it and began to pick ourselves up. Just as we were getting to some forn of normal a global pandemic hit and I was made redundant! I moved back to Yorkshire and in with my parents. Mid April I was laid in bed and scratched the back of my head only to feel a smooth bald patch! I looked in the mirror and shouted for my mum before bursting into tears. I had lost a huge chunk of hair from the nape of my neck. This was only the start! For those of you who have known me for a little while will know how much I love my hair, I'm forever changing the style and colour! Ive had every colour hair you could imagine! Well since finding this first patch my hair has continued to fall out, although not rapidly its continuous. I now have bald patches covering most of my head, although I still have hair it's very patchy and thinning daily. This is known as Alopecia Areata. This last year has been such a rollercoaster and so I've decided to turn the negative into a positive and try raise money for Alopecia Charity. On Monday 15th June I will be braving the shave and shaving shaving the remaining hair I have. I will be posting videos and pictures after I've done it for all to see and a link for you to donate. I understand times are tough but even if you can only spare £1 I'd really appreciate it

Robyn Marshall