In 2015 I ran the London 10K to raise funds to support Alopecia UK. I have now decided to run the Liverpool Half Marathon and would love to raise even more money!
I first developed Alopecia back in the late 1980's when I was around 27 years old. Nobody could tell me why this had happened to me. It never occurred to me that it would be permanent. My hair did grow back within the next couple of years but then devastatingly fell out again. I saw a Dermatologist and tried everything I could to start my hair growing again. This included scalp irritants, steroid injections into the scalp, Acupuncture, Chinese name it, I tried it - all to no avail.
I was lucky to meet a man who was able to accept my Alopecia and he helps me to deal with it.
My latest challenge is ageing. Like all women (and men) I am having to deal with the various issues that come with getting older but it has led to a renewal of my battle to accept my Alopecia. The “Why Me!” has become a little more frequent again but experience tells me that this will pass and I will once again come to a point of acceptance.

The support of Alopeica UK cannot be underestimated. To know that other people understand what you are going through is incredibly important. Arriving at an Alopecia Conference to find yourself surrounded by people who look just like you is empowering for me as an adult, imagine what it must mean to the children! We need more research in order to find a cure for our condition.
Thank you for supporting me with my fundraising efforts. I really appreciate every penny you can spare and so does Alopecia UK!

Julia Bigley