Hello, for those of you who don’t know...I have Alopecia. There...I’ve said it out loud! The type of alopecia I have means that my hair won’t ever fully grow back. My hair loss has been ongoing for a couple of years, but only formally diagnosed early in 2021.

In doing this challenge, I hope to raise people’s awareness of alopecia and what it means to live with this condition, which can be emotionally challenging and common to have feelings of shame, anxiety, embarrassment and grief. You feel like you are being dishonest, especially when people say they ‘love your hair’ and you don’t want to tell them you are wearing a wig.

Having alopecia is like living with a secret. Many of us hide ourselves away, even in own homes, for fear that their neighbour or the delivery driver see’s our bald heads. I did try to be brave and went to a fitness class without my wig but was asked by two complete strangers if I were ill. I didn’t have the courage, but should have said ‘I’m not ill, I’m just bald’.

However, on the positive I can change my hair colour, cut and style every day of the week...and no more bad hair days for me! September is Alopecia Awareness month, a month dedicated to spreading the word about alopecia. So please support me as I run a marathon distance to raise some much-needed funds for Alopecia UK.

Thank you
Debs x

Deborah Beck