We have developed a bit of a ‘one stop shop’ of helpful resources to support men with hair loss. Here you will find links to support on the Alopecia UK website and links to other organisations which you might find helpful.

Peer support – chatting with others who ‘get it’

So many people tell us that one of the things that has helped them manage their hair loss has been talking to others with hair loss. Whether you are wanting advice and recommendations from others about products or services, or general chat about the impact alopecia has, you can find this and more by joining one of our peer support spaces. There are different options available;

We have a Facebook group just for men - AUK Men’s Chat. This group is a private group which means it won’t appear on your profile, and posts made in the group will only be visible to group members.

We also have our main Alopecia UK Facebook Group which is for all. This is a private group so posts won’t appear on your timeline. With over 11,000 members it’s a great way to ask questions and get advice and support.

Our face-to-face groups are a great way to meet others with hair loss in real life. Our groups are a supportive space to chat and are run by our volunteers who have personal experience of alopecia. You can find out where your nearest group is here.

If getting to a face-to-face group is difficult, we have online groups to meet others with hair loss. You can find out more about our online groups here.

We understand that attending a group to meet others with alopecia can feel difficult, whether that’s in person or online. Many people tell us the benefits outweigh the initial anxiety they felt prior to coming along and that once they were at the meeting, they soon felt much more comfortable.

If you don’t feel ready to chat with others but you want to hear about other people’s experiences, you might want to check out our podcast Talk Hair Loss.

Finding out more about hair loss and treatments

You can find more information about the different types of hair loss and the treatments available on the Alopecia UK website here. Information on treatments specific to alopecia areata can be found here. For most of the types of alopecia, we are able to link to a Patient Information Leaflet from the British Association of Dermatologists.

When looking at treatments we recommend using only reputable websites and sources as unfortunately there some websites which offer ‘hair loss cures’ but do not have the evidence base to back up their claims.

Managing the impact of hair loss

If you would like some information on managing comments from others or dealing with difficult situations, you can find some useful tips on our website here.

You can also find resources on topics such as improving your confidence or managing anxiety about appearance via the Changing Faces website. If you are experiencing difficulties at work Changing Faces has some guidance which might help which you can find here.

Skin Support is a resource developed by the British Association of Dermatologists which also has lots of helpful information on different skin conditions, including hair loss, as well as support information on managing anxiety and developing helpful coping strategies like mindfulness.

If you are a parent/carer, or perhaps you work with children, you might be looking for advice on how to talk about your hair loss with them. For young children you might want to look at our story books to introduce the topic of alopecia. We also have some information sheets you can read and adapt to talk to young people about alopecia here.

Products and services

Whether you are looking for technicians who do microblading, scalp micropigmentation or hair replacement options, you can find out more about different products and services via our Service Directory. Please note, Alopecia UK does not endorse or recommend any particular company or service listed and provides this information as a resource only.

You can also join our Alopecia UK Products and Services Chat Group on Facebook for tips and recommendations about products and services.