Step One: What does an AUK Support Group Leader do?

Our Volunteer Support Group Leaders are at the heart of the charity, providing local alopecia support to our community. If you're interested in starting a new support group, it's important to figure out if the role is right for you. Take some time to watch the video below and read through the information on this page.

Now you've watched the video, please take a few minutes to read through our current terms and conditions and role description

In a nutshell, our group leaders:

  • Organise a few meetings each year, bringing together people affected by hair loss.
  • Check their AUK emails once a week - responding to any support emails/ messages from AUK.
  • Complete a short online form each month to help us understand all the support you've been giving our communities. 

Step Two: Areas we would like to offer support groups

We are looking to recruit more volunteer Support Group Leaders across the UK. If you feel there is a specific need in your community, and this area isn't listed below please do feel free to get in touch and we will consider your application. The set-up of all new groups is at the discretion of Alopecia UK. 

The areas in which we would like to actively set up new groups/areas we wish to cover are: 

  • Children's and Teens groups - we would like more children's/teens groups across the UK
  • Adult Groups
    • South East of England - Hampshire, West Sussex
    • South West of England - Dorset 
    • East of England - Norwich, Peterborough or Cambridge
    • Wales - Cardiff
    • Yorkshire and Humber - Leeds (to take over from an existing lead)
    • North West of England - Liverpool
    • North East of England - Newcastle
    • Northern Ireland - please enquire 

Please note: We would love to be able to facilitate support groups in all corners of the UK but unfortunately this is not always possible. If there is already a support group within an hour of you, it is unlikely that another will be set-up in your area. 

Step Three: Send us your expression of interest form

So, you've watched the video and you'd like to start a new support group - that's fantastic! Simply complete the expression of interest form below and a member of our support team will review your application then contact you directly.

Complete an expression of interest form

Step Four: What happens next?

Once we have figured out if starting a group in your area seems appropriate, your AUK team member will send you a couple of forms to sign, and we’ll carry out your disclosure checks.

Your staff contact will be busy working behind the scenes to prepare all the resources you need to feel fully supported in your new volunteer role. You’ll receive an AUK email inbox, a webpage, induction information, and resources for your new group attendees! All that’s left to do is send us your group dates for the year so we can help promote your group. We will continue to support you in your role as an Alopecia UK Support Group Leader.

Here Elaine, our Surrey Support Group Lead tells us what she enjoys about the role

If you have any questions please contact: [email protected]