In order to figure out if becoming an Alopecia UK Volunteer Support Group lead is right for you, please allow yourself 15-20 minutes to watch this video and read through the information on this page.  

Please note: We would love to be able to facilitate support groups in all corners of the UK but unfortunately this is not always possible. If there is already a support group within an hour of you, it is unlikely that another will be set up in your area, however, if you feel there is a specific need please do feel free to get in touch to query this. The set up of all new groups is at the discretion of Alopecia UK.

Once you have watched the video but before you apply, please take a few minutes to read through our current
terms and conditions and role description.
(A copy of this, along with a volunteer agreement and induction details, will be sent to you should your application be accepted)

After a recent survey conducted by Alopecia UK we have decided that the areas in which we would like to actively set up new groups/areas we wish to cover are: 

  • Liverpool (Adults)
  • Liverpool (Children's/Teens) - taking over from an existing group leader
  • Newcastle (Adults)
  • Newcastle (Children's)
  • Northern Ireland (Children's)
  • London (Teens)
  • Manchester (Teens)
  • Lincolnshire/East Midlands (Adults)
  • Leeds (Adults) - taking over from an existing group leader
  • Berkshire (Teens) - taking over from an existing group leader
  • Yorkshire (Children's) - taking over from an existing group leader

If none of these areas are where you would like to start your new group, but you feel your area is in need, please feel free to still get in touch and Alopecia UK will consider your application. 

Complete an expression of interest form

Once your application has been received and reviewed by someone at Alopecia UK we will be in contact to discuss the next steps.  

If you have any questions about the video, terms and conditions or the expression of interest form please contact [email protected]