This Alopecia Awareness Month we are asking you to ‘Challenge Yourself’ for Alopecia UK. We are looking for Charity Champions to raise awareness and funds in September.

Don’t be put off by the word “challenge”, a challenge can be pretty much ANYTHING.

To raise awareness, you could challenge yourself to post something about your alopecia journey on our social media channels. Or you could take on the challenge of sharing your story with your local newspaper or radio station.

To raise funds, you could take on a physical challenge like joining an organised run or walk, you could even think up your own physical challenge, like hula-hooping your way through the ad-breaks on TV.  Or you could give up something for the month of September – chocolate or alcohol being the most popular ‘give up’ challenges! Or you could challenge yourself and your workmates to a fundraising quiz, or challenge your neighbours to bake some cakes for a charity coffee morning. Perhaps challenge your kids to take part in a sponsored silence, or a even a kitchen disco! ANYTHING, can be a challenge, and we’d argue that the whackier it is the more fun you’ll have.

Our Fundraising A-Z provides some inspiration for the type of activity you might be able to challenge yourself to, including links to external providers of challenge events.  

The alopecia community knows a thing or two about challenges; we face enough of them in our journeys with alopecia. Challenges with accessing treatments and wigs, excessively long dermatology waiting lists, challenges in the workplace and schools, challenges with relationships and dating – the list goes on.

Alopecia UK works hard to offer information, support, and advice to help navigate these challenges. For us to continue our work, we need some wonderful people to get involved this September. Can you challenge yourself this Alopecia Awareness Month for AUK?

How you can help this September

Sign up to be a Charity Champion and you will receive by email our Charity Champion pack, which includes lots of suggestions for how you can challenge yourself for Alopecia UK.  If you do take part don’t forget to tell us what you are up to and how your challenge is going!

Whether your challenge is big or small, is solo or with family and friends, whatever you do, you will be helping a charity that needs support this September.

Sign up for your Charity Champion pack today