We've seen a lot of Matt Lucas in the media recently with regards to alopecia. It is very helpful to have a high-profile celebrity talk about alopecia, bringing greater public awareness to people who perhaps wouldn't otherwise hear anything about alopecia. 

We thought we'd bring the awareness efforts together, from both Matt and Alopecia UK, in this short summary of recent events. 

The One Show - 1st April 2021

Most recently, Matt appeared on BBC1's 'The One Show' to discuss his latest book. He also talked about alopecia, including sharing details of the recent Zoom meeting we hosted in which 15 children with alopecia interviewed Matt. We know the children involved were absolutely delighted to spot themselves on national TV! You can view the episode here

Awareness article in the Independent Online

Following Matt Lucas commenting on Twitter about a journalist that regularly referred to him in Great British Bake Off previews as an 'egghead', we were contacted by the Independent to help them create an article titled '10 Things People With Alopecia Want You to Know'. The article was created with the help of members of our Facebook group. Thanks to everyone who contributed. We think the final article is a great piece of awareness. You can read it here

New Blog post from Alopecia UK; 'The Importance of Language

Matt's recent comments on Twitter prompted Alopecia UK's Charity Development Manager Jen Chambers to write a blog post about the importance of language in the media. Read Jen's blog post here

New Blog post from Alopecia UK's mini-representatives! 

Following the wonderful video with Matt Lucas featuring 15 mini-Alopecia UK representatives, we have compiled this heart-warming blog post. It includes feedback from the children who took part and it's clear that their chat with Matt had a positive impact which we're delighted to hear! Read their wonderful blog post here.