Children & Young People

Our fantastic team of mini-Alopecia UK representatives did an amazing job for us when they interviewed the one and only Matt Lucas! If you haven't seen it yet, check it out here!

We would like to say huge thank you to all the children for their incredible interviewing efforts and fantastic questions. We followed up with them to find out what they thought about the interview! 

How did talking to Matt make you feel?

Bonnie: I was a bit nervous at first but then when i came around i was laughing and felt a bit silly! 

Emily: Very excited, it made me feel important. We have our own special club. 

Isaac: So excited!!!! Totally inspired to just be me! Optimistic for the future! Unafraid! 

Lucy: It made me feel excited because I have always wanted to be a presenter and he has made me believe that I can achieve my DREAM. Also it was really spectacular that a CELEBRITY was talking to ME and especially one with alopecia.

What was your favourite/most memorable part of the interview? 

Jessica: I liked all his jokes, and when he said he looked like a pudding! The most memorable part was when he talked to me and I asked my question. I liked that he knew about me and he said I was a superstar!

Jonathan: Matt doing an impression of Boris Johnson was my favourite bit of the interview, he was very funny!

Brooke: My most favourite bit was when he told his favourite joke and when Matt knew that I was a dancer and a budding actress.

What was one thing you were surprised about? 

Niam: He was very easy to talk to because he was friendly.

Sienna: I was surprised at how much he could make himself sound like Boris!!!

I was surprised too by how relaxed he was, he wasn’t all dressed up and sitting smartly, he was relaxed and lying on his sofa, and I really liked that style as it made me feel calmer.

I was surprised he didn’t have any of his awards in his home to keep him down to earth – If I won one, I would honestly keep them all around my home, especially the first one.

How would you sum up your experience in a couple of sentences? 

Niamh: I was exhausted but happy and relieved that I did it. As I was nervous waiting for my turn. I was happy that I spoke to him because I thought I’d be famous myself!

Sophie: My experience was amazing because before the call I was upset about my hair a lot because I didn’t want to be different and wanted normal hair. Now I feel happier about my hair because Matt has showed me you can be whatever you want when you grow up even if you have alopecia. It was so cool talking to a famous person and I hope I can be a good actor like Matt when I grow up.

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