Monday 30th July 2018

We are delighted to announce that we now have our very first Research Committee in place.  We see this as a really positive step in the right direction for helping to support further alopecia research development in the UK as it will enable the Charity to better support that.

We hope to facilitate a multidisciplinary board, with varied research interests and knowledge, that represents what those with alopecia would expect to see in a Committee that will direct research on their behalf.  Each member has committed to the role for two years.

The Committee will have its first meeting in October 2018.  This will be chaired by Alopecia UK Trustee Karen Green (previously an Autoimmune Alopecia Research UK Trustee).  She will be supported by Alopecia UK Trustee, Harry Brunt, and Alopecia UK Charity Development Manager, Jen Chambers.

The Research Committee has two key aims for its first meeting:

  1. To review and score the Research Pots applications, selecting a winner as well as up to three runners up, which will then go to public vote by those with alopecia.
  2. To establish the Strategy for the Research Aim of the Charity going forward.  We have limited funds at Alopecia UK and the Research Committee will decide how to best utilise these funds in order that we can support the development of alopecia research in the UK and have the most significant impact.

The Committee members are:

  •  Karen Green – AUK Trustee and Research Committee Chair (also has alopecia)
  •  Harry Brunt – AUK Trustee (also has alopecia)
  •  Jen Chambers – AUK Charity Development Manager (also has alopecia)
  •  Annika Astrand – Principal Scientist at AstraZeneca (also has alopecia)    
  •  Dr Abby MacBeth - Research Fellow in Dermatology and Data Handler for the Hair Loss PSP
  •  Dr Andrew Thompson – Clinical Psychologist 
  •  Dr Kerry Montgomery – Senior Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner and Researcher
  •  Dr Matthew Harries – Consultant Dermatologist, Honorary Senior Lecturer and Clinical Lead for the Hair Loss PSP 
  •  Professor Andrew Messenger – Consultant Dermatologist and President of the Institute of Trichologists
  •  Professor Desmond Tobin – Professor of Cellular Biology and Director of the Centre for Skin Sciences 
  •  Professor Fiona Henriquez – Professor of Infection & Microbiology Research Group and Institute for Biomedical and Environmental Health Research 
  •  Professor Simon Milling – Professor of Immunology 

We will be providing more in-depth biographies on our Committee members for your information next month.