Alopecia UK Research funding 2022

Alopecia UK funds hair loss and hair-related research through a range of funding schemes, including small grants, public engagement grants and larger Research Pots.

We aim to provide hope and confidence to people with alopecia by funding research, with the aim of identifying causes, treatments, and ultimately, a cure. We are investing in research projects to explore key questions.

For more information, download our Research Strategy.

Future Alopecia UK funding calls

Alopecia UK is keen to support researchers with new ideas which could lead to improved treatment, management or even a cure for alopecia. We are currently reviewing the types of funding that will be on offer in 2022. 

To hear about future funding calls, check back here or email us at [email protected]

Previous funding calls:

Alopecia UK have advertised three previous funding calls:

In 2021, Alopecia UK awarded Research Pots funding (up to £20,000 per project) to two new projects (success rate 25%) 

In 2020, Alopecia UK awarded funding to four new projects, for three types of grant:

  • Research Pots (up to £10,000). Success rates for the Research Pots applications were 25%
  • Small Grants (up to £1,500). Success rates were 33%
  • PPI grants (up to £500). Success rates were 50%.

In 2018, we held an open call for applications for our Research Pots grants: application success rates for this call were 28%.

Information about all of our funded projects can be found on our Research Projects page

Interested in applying?

If you have any research project ideas or further questions, or would like to be added to our mailing list to hear about future funding opportunities, please email [email protected].