Support the work of Alopecia UK, feel a part of a caring community, and save money on products and services too! 

Our 'AUK Community Card' provides an opportunity to support the work of Alopecia UK and receive discounts from participating businesses on our Service Directory. 

We really hope many of you will want to join our AUK Community and become a Cardholder. Not only is it an opportunity to grab some discounts and save some money, it’s a fantastic way to show your support to Alopecia UK and help us to achieve our aims around Support, Awareness and Research.  And supporting a small charity brings unlimited amounts of warm fuzzy feelings! 

The AUK Community Card costs £35 and many cardholders have found they have recouped that with the discounts they have received on new wig purchases. And unlike the previous AUK VIP Card, there will be no requirement to buy a new card each year. This is a single card that will be valid for as long we offer the AUK Community Cardholder Scheme, so you will be able to benefit from savings beyond 2024!

And as the following feedback from a previous-AUK Cardholder shows, it is possible to save more than the card cost in just one transaction: 

“The cost of my wig was £650 but the supplier offered a 10% discount for AUK Cardholders so I saved £65. Definitely worth the cost of my Card!”  2021 VIP Cardholder 

And to provide an additional little incentive to support our AUK Community Cardholder Scheme, thanks to our wonderful friends at Eylure, we are able to offer a little bonus to some of our lucky Cardholders.

We are providing 8 x pairs of C-Lash replacement eyelashes* (RRP; £42.00) and 9 x Alopecia UK tube scarves (one of each design, RRP; £58.41) to the 1st, 50th, 100th, 150th, 200th and 250th persons to purchase an AUK Community Card through our shop (6 x prize bundles up for grabs to 6 lucky AUK Community Cardholders). Lucky winners will be notified by email.**

We really hope we can encourage 250 people in our wonderful community to become AUK Community Cardholders this year. The income from this will help us enormously to continue our work to improve the lives of those affected by alopecia. We hope those who purchase an AUK Community Card will not only benefit from the warm fuzzy feelings that come from supporting a charity close to your heart, but also grab themselves a discount or two in the process. 

Purchase your AUK Community Card here

* Includes 2 x 'Naturals', 2 x 'Lengthening', 2 x 'Petite' and 2 x 'Volume' Eylure C-Lashes

** Should the lucky winner not be an eyelash/tubescarf wearer, they can choose a £25 Amazon Voucher instead of our lashes/scarves bundle.