This Is Me - September 2019

Each September in Alopecia Awareness Month we step up our efforts to raise awareness of alopecia. This year, we are returning to our theme and hashtag from 2018; #ThisIsMe. Inspired by a song from the smash hit musical, The Greatest Showman, we think it's a positive statement and mantra for those with alopecia and offers opportunities to raise awareness across social media.

This Is Me.

It is a bold statement that can get people talking about alopecia. This Is Me. No hair? Patchy hair? Thinning hair? Wig? Hat? Headscarf? Make up? No make up? THIS. IS. ME.

How can I get involved in raising awareness this September? 

There are lots of ways you can get involved in our 2019 campaign: 

1. Probably the easiest way is to add a 'This Is Me' Alopecia Awareness Month Twibbon to your Facebook and/or Twitter profile pictures (not so expertly modelled by Amy!). It's easy to do.


2. Post a photo to raise awareness on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) using the hashtag #ThisIsMe
We've even created a sign for you to print off and include in your photo (again, not so expertly modelled by Amy!). Anything goes in the photos. You don't have to have your alopecia visible. It's about saying 'This Is Me' however you want to do that. Wigs? Hats? Bare head? Your choice!


3. Get a bit more creative with a video for Social Media. We like the idea of a simple video that perhaps shows two sides to alopecia, knowing that many of us often present ourselves in different ways with our alopecia. As Naomi has shown in her sample video 'This is me AND This is me'.

(Naomi has even created this helpful guide advising how to make your own videos - for the less tech-savvy amongst us - Amy included!!) UPDATE: Since last year, Facebook and Instagram now allow you to add music clips to your videos shared on your 'Stories'. We've checked and 'This Is Me' is an option! 

4. Buy a 'This Is Me' pin badge from our online shop. Click here to get yours!

5. Host an awareness and/or fundraising event for Alopecia UK during September. Cake Sales, Coffee Mornings, Dress Down Days or event a Mad Hatter's Party! If you are thinking about hosting an event, get in touch to let us know your plans: [email protected] 

6. Consider doing a post on social media about Alopecia Awareness Month. Sharing your story on social media can be a really simple yet powerful way to raise awareness if you are comfortable to do so. And remember, you can even add donate buttons to Facebook posts and Instagram stories. Or you can set up a Facebook Fundraiser (these have been a very popular and super-easy way to raise money for Alopecia UK). 

You can be as inventive and creative with the #ThisIsMe theme as you want. It's always helpful for us to have a specific hashtag to run with each September and we think #ThisIsMe can be a strong message that we hope will empower lots of you to get involved this September.

As the song goes, "I'm not scared to be seen, I make no apologies, this is me".

Take a look at our blog post to read all about why last year we chose 'This Is Me' as a campaign for Alopecia Awareness Month and why we're bringing it back this year!